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    Fairfax Brewfest Picture recap

    This last weekend Fairfax Brewfest 2012 kicked off and this time it was actually on St Patricks day! 

    A few friends and I headed on down to the fest to try out some great beer on tap. This was my 7th or so visit to this fest tucked away in the small town of Fairfax hidden in a small what looks like Basketball court.

    The day started at the Gestalt House, which is a pretty cool place to stop in for a beer and they even have places to hang your street or mountain bike. They also have some good German beer on tap and the traditional Kölsch from Reissdorf, which is I have had the pleasure to be drinking for the last 10 years or so, and we even have a keg of this on tap at our offices.

    Looking at our watches it was close to opening time so we took a short walk over to the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce to start our day of tasting.

    My friends and I have various different tastes in beer and im also looking for the ultimate IPA, and I think so far I have tried over 100 or so with my latest favorite being Casey Jones Imperial IPA from Iron Springs Brewery.

    “This double IPA has twice the hops and grains as its counterpart.  Significant floral, citrus, and peppery notes on the nose, yet even with the enormous hop profile, the huge grain bill results in a very well balanced brew.”

    Of course on tap was a collaboration beer between Good Earth and Iron Springs Brewery called Good Earth California Pale Ale.

    Of course I could go on and on about the great beer but I’m still trying to figure out the who was serving up the beer next to Pizza Orgasmica, I had this great dark almost porter tasting IPA from a guy and his GF or Wife that didnt seem to have any logos or info present. Does anyone know who this guy was? Did he sneak in and start serving up beer, if so it tasted mighty fine.

    Anyhow the day when off with out a hitch, no rain, lots of beer to drink, good music and good friends all enjoying the love for a good craft beer.

    Ill let some pics speak for the rest and also the FairFax Brewfest released the winners of the beer competitions!

    Announcing (after a short recovery period) our crowd sourced favorites from Saturday’s Fairfax Brewfest!
    Category: Pales Ales
    1st – Drake’s Brewing / 1500 Dry Hopped Pale Ale
    2nd - Sudwerk Brewery / Mai Bock

    Category: IPA
    1st - Speakeasy Ales & Lagers / Big Daddy IPA
    2nd - 21st Amendment Brewery / IPA

    Category: Dark Beers
    1st – Beach Chalet / Schwarz Beir
    2nd - Iron Springs Pub & Brewery / Sless Oatmeal Stout

    Category: Specialty Brews
    1st - Lagunitas Brewing Co / WTF
    2nd – 21st Amendment / Allies Win The War

    and on to some photos!

    Cheers and hope to see you at the next Fest!

    Btw we are looking for beer blogers, head on over to our contact page and hit us up!

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